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Published On 1/4/2024
With hopefully an eventful storm cycle arriving at our doorsteps this weekend, we wanted to alert our users of unusual traffic around the Taylor Park and Tin Cup areas. We have been unable to groom to either Taylor Park or Tin Cup this season due to lack of snow - but with this potential storm activity over the next week, we hope to have access up and running as soon as possible.

The USFS has been working with our club extensively over the last two years to coordinate the management of a winter timber harvest in the Slaughterhouse Gulch area (please see map for reference). Our club's coordination has kept winter recreation access open throughout the timber sale process, however there will be plowing activity and closures throughout the season. We will do our best to update this page when those situations arise.
Please see full article for map and additional information.
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Published On 12/6/2023
The BLM has proposed to revise existing resource management plans across the state to address possible impacts to wildlife from oil and gas activities on both BLM and Forest Service lands. The Proposal would require a cap on road/trail density of less than a mile of route per square mile to protect wildlife. While the Proposal asserts it is not revising travel management decisions in place, there is no way this is possible. While the Proposal asserts it will not impact areas outside high value wildlife habitat, the decisions are applied basically everywhere west of Denver. The Proposal fails to recognize that there are areas of federal lands where motorized recreation is protected instead of wildlife concerns, but these congressional protections are ignored. We are asking for your comments in opposition to this Proposal as this could profoundly impact all forms of recreation on public lands.
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